Ride + Stride

Do join Ride + Stride 2019 on Saturday 14th September
– we promise you an unusual and enjoyable day.
Ride + Stride is an event like no other why not take part this year and find out for yourself what extraordinary things lie behind the churchyard gates and creaking doors of Buckinghamshire’s many churches and chapels.

Ride + Stride is open to walkers as well as horse-riders and cyclists – in fact to anyone using a non-mechanical form of transport.  It always takes place on the second Saturday of September between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m., and the object is to raise money for the repair and restoration of churches and chapels of any Christian denomination in Buckinghamshire.  Half the money raised goes to the church or chapel of the participant’s choice, and the other half is added to a general fund which is administered by the Buckinghamshire Historic Churches Trust.

Churches are encouraged to make applications to BHCT for grants to help with church repairs and restoration.

For further information or to be put in touch with your local organiser please email: ridestride@bucks-historic-churches.org

Sign Up for 2019 Ride + Stride

Fill in the Welcome Form (link below) and email it to: ridestride@bucks-historic-churches.org and we will send you a welcome pack, contact details for your local organiser and hints and tips on how to make the most of your day.

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More about Donating

Make donating for your Ride + Stride supporters easy by setting up a Just Giving web page. Learn how to do this by downloading the instructions in PDF by clicking HERE

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