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Ride + Stride Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride + Stride?

Ride + Stride is a sponsored event which raises money for the repair and restoration of Historic Church Buildings. Participants may take part on foot,  by bicycle or on horseback. Churches will be open from 10am to 6pm to welcome visitors, who can just pop in to sign the register or to enjoy some refreshments, or stay longer to look around these facinating places.

When is Ride + Stride?

Ride + Stride has been held between 10am and 6pm on the second Saturday in September since its inception in 1983.

How do I take part?

Ride + Stride offers the chance to walk or ride a route of your choice, long, short or intermediate, its up to you. Take pleasure in organising your route, challenge yourself by ticking off as many churches as you can, or visit just one or two churches that are new to you and really explore their history. Enjoy the countryside or explore your heritage, clock up the largest number of churches by walking in town and planning the most efficient route possible or just amble in the counryside. Most churches will be open and will provide refreshments and some have toilet facilities so plan your route with this in mind. In order that you can start planning your route a list of churches that will be open and the facilities they offer is posted on this wesite.

How do I sign up or register my interest in taking part?

You don’t need to register to take part in Ride + Stride, but in order to collect sponsorship you will need to download a sponsorship form, or better still, set up a Just Giving page, if you are unsure how to do this the instructions are available on this site. Every area (or Deanery) has a representative who can guide you, their details can be accessed from this site. If you aren’t sure who to get in touch with then email: for more information. In addition to Area organisers each Parish (or Church) has a representative who will be able to assist you with more local information, their details will be available from your deanery representative or from posters on your church notice board.

What is a Deanery?

A Deanery is an area of several parishes, Buckinghamshire has ten Deaneries, these vary in size and population, they are Amersham, Aylesbury, Burnham and Slough, Buckingham, Claydon, Milton Keynes, Mursley, Newport, Wendover, Wycombe. There is a list of churches (available on this site) that will be open on 9th September these are listed by Deanery and will help you decide which deanery you live in and who your area organiser is.

Is there an entry fee?

No, we don’t charge an entry fee, but we do ask you to raise sponsorship in aid of Bucks Historic Churches Trust. The trust makes grants towards repairs to Buckinghamshire’s churches, most of which are extremly old and many are in need of urgent assistance. You can allocate your local church, or a favourite church to receive 50% of the money you raise, the remainder goes to the Bucks Historic Churches Trust and is used to make grants to church buildings in particular need.

How do I ask for Sponsorship?

The easiest way to raise sponsorship for your challenge is to set up a Just Giving page and ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you by donating via this page, you can send an email to all your contacts telling them what you are doing and why and if you wish, you can use the page to blog about your progress as you prepare for your big day. If you prefer to use the traditional pen, paper and cash method of collecting pledges and sponsorship money there are forms you can download from this site, or you can ask your local representative to give you a sponsorship form.

Are there any Rules and Regulations for Ride + Stride?

Ride + Stride has a few rules, these are available on this website, see the guidance notes on the Ride + Stride page. We want you to be safe and have an enjoyable day and so we do ask that you read and take note of this information.

If I don’t want to organise my own walk or ride are there any organised events?

This year we are holding a number of organised events, which are currently at the planning stage. Ask your area organiser for details. We will have a list of events on this website when all the plans are finalised.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or would like any information about Ride & Stride please email